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Brusan™ is an environmentally friendly, patented, novel and unique scenic product, that combines the appearance of a textile with the formable characteristics of aluminum foil. It comes in either a single sided or double sided textile lamination.

Brusan molding cloth can be painted and easily cut and sewn or glued together. It is water repellent and flame retardant. Brusan is perfect for small, as well as large, applications such as stage and television scenery, exhibit or display stands, retail display and architectural details. It is also reusable, which is perfect for touring companies or those with limited storage space for sets from past productions.

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Latest Projects

Here we list some of the major movie, theater, and TV scenes, as well as major events we have been proud to be part of. If you used Brusan and have some nice pictures, we will be glad to add you to the list.

Fairy Queen Tree

The Brusan tree was for the short movie « Fairy Queen » from Jean-Paul Civeyrac and the students of ENSAD (École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratif)

Clara Rea was the Set Designer of this short film.

Trees in Heaven (Using Brusan as a 3D Art Canvas)

Artist Anne-Marie Arbefeuille: "In search of those moments of enlightenment where Trees extend on open skies, I shape images that plunge us into a landscape adventure. "Trees in Heaven" is a photographic subject where I think of the tree as an invisible force that draws its energy from the ground, avoiding constraints in search of light in skyward burst. My "paintings" tend towards photographic illustration evolving according to the print media. This work parallels with photography through a printing trick on a textile aluminum foil (Brusan), to evolve images by molding them into 3-Dimensions. With this new medium, the Tree becomes the generator of a symbolic surreal force."

Check out more of Anne-Marie's amazing work @

© Anne Marie Arbefeuille

Tiki Island | Burning Man '13

Brusan was used to make a Stone Skirt around the perimiter of the widest Art Car on the Playa, the Playa Surfers' Tiki Island.

Elliot Hall of Music | Purdue University

Brusan was used to simulate trees for the Presbyterian Youth Triennium at the Elliott Hall of Music at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

The Shorts Show - G.O.T. - Dragun Control

BigAppleFilms used Brusan in their backdrop for their Game of Thrones Parody, Dragun Control.


Playmobil Set

Play-Original used Brusan to set the environment in their Playmobil showroom.

K's Choice International Tour Backdrop

Rock group K's Choice kicked off their international tour with one of a kind backdrop made using Brusan!

Robert Hossein's "A Woman Called Mary"

Robert Hossein's latest production; "A Woman Called Mary," was filmed in 3D and distributed worldwide uses Brusan to set the stage in front of 25,000 spectators, 2,000,000 TV viewers (on opening day.)

Independent Hollywood Film

Brusan was used to simulate a trecherous mountaintop for an independent film in Hollywood, California.

Aquarium de Lyon

Brusan was used as decor for an aquarium exhibit in Lyon, France

Mammoths at the Forum of Science

Brusan was used as decor for a scientific exposition on Mammoths at the Forum of Science in Villeneuve d'Ascq. It was constructed by Les Plastiqueurs

Georges V - Four Seasons Hotel in Paris, France

20 Rolls of Brusan Gold were used for the Christmas 2009 display at Georges V - Four Seasons Hotel in Paris, France. One of the top 10 hotels in the world

Carnegie Mellon University: School of Drama

Student at Carnegie Mellon University: School of Drama creates mask using a CNC'ed mold.

"The first part of creating the mask consisted of using a CNC routing machine to make the wooden form that I then pressed the mask around and into using mostly my hands a metal ball bearing. I added some liquid gell medium to add to extra firmness to the mask. The paint finish on the mask was achieved through a process of spray paint dusting and then polishing with steel wool."
- Charley Ammerman

Event Designs New York

"Brusan Molding cloth is one of the best ways scenic solutions I have ever come by. It's so easy to work with and the results are spectacular. Complete transformation of the ballroom in such a short time."
- Andrew Hahn, Event Producer

Salon de la Chasse 2009

Salon de la Chasse 2009 (Hunting Show), Rambouillet, France.

Equipotel trade show booth

Equipotel trade show booth for La Table des Sommeliers. The wine cellar is made out of Brusan Stone(ceiling) and thermoformed plastic (walls).

Farfalla Restaurant: Freixenet Bubble Drink Promotion

Freixenet Bubble Drink Promotion, using a custom made red velvet over two-sided adhesive Brusan and LED lighting system.

Kookai Boutique, Paris

Webster Conservatory of Theatre Arts

Director: Kathleen Singleton
Designer: Alex Gaines
Lighting: Kelly O'Connell
Set Construction/Photo: Ben "Potsie" Werner


Brusan is used for a line of Packaging.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Brusan used for the cave shots of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."


Carrefour store, 4000 square feet of Brusan Ice used to create an ice cave:


Various Christmas Specials used Brusan Snow and Ice.

Chanel sponsored Movie Premiere

Bar igloo set for a Chanel event by Karl Lagersfeld for the première of the movie "La Doublure" (The Valet). The complete igloo set was set up by 4 people in one day.

Saudi Arabia promotional event in Riyadh

Brusan was used to turn stadium seats into steps of a castle for a promotional event.

Olympic-size swimming pool arena

7000 sq. ft. of Brusan Gold and Silver were used to decorate an Olympic sport arena.

Toumai Scientific Show, CNRS Paris

Brusan as backgroud for the Toumai Scientific show, CNRS Paris 2006

"Sheitan" movie

"Sheitan" a Kim Shapiron movie with Vincent Kassel. Christian Vella used double-sided Brusan Canvas for the 10 minute hot spring scene. The movie set covered over 3000 sq. ft. of ground area.

2005 Icelandic edition of 'Pop Idol'

For the 2005 Icelandic edition of 'Pop Idol' The decorative elements were made with two-sided Brusan.

Smirnoff Ice Promotion

Environmentally Friendly

Brusan® is made exclusively from recyclable products. As such it is very environmentally friendly and compares very favorably with existing products such as Styrofoam: Compared to it, Brusan’s carbon foot print is minimal! Additionally, our cotton fiber supports global sustainable agriculture, and enhances the health of our customers and our environment.

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